About us

We are a small company passionate about restoring classic VW buses and beetles. The idea started a few years ago when a friend from the Netherlands (a big fan of air-cooled Volkswagens) pointed out to me that a VW T1 bus could not be afforded to him in the Netherlands. He therefore asked me if I did not even want to browse for him in Brazil. I then started to delve into the T1 models that still can be found here, after a while of searching I found a suitable bus for my friend at a farmer in the interior. To reduce costs as much as possible we decided also to restore the bus in Brazil before sent to the Netherlands.

During that project I encountered a hundred and one problems, such as having to be on top of the restoration because they simply did not take it so close with the details. We from Europ look at that differently and want perfection, with that the bureaucracy in Brazil means that there is a lot involved with the paper work in order to get the bus correctly on transport to the Netherlands or Europ. Of course I made a lot of beginner mistakes but also learned a lot and I realized that I liked this and wanted to continue with this. I also saw that with my background as a mechanical engineer I would deliver a much better result at the restoration and was now used to the bureaucracy to get the paper work in order. It is a feeling, suddenly you have found something that you like so much that you can’t get it out of your mind, something in which I could put my whole soul and bliss. This was the reason that my wife, who also thought it was a great idea, and I joined this project and started our company.

We want to deliver well-restored buses at an affordable price that makes driving such a beautiful classic VW bus accessible to everyone. In addition, we are currently working on providing VW buses with an electric drive. A project that is very interesting and i think als interesting for European clients.

How does it work?

How do we work? The main thing is that we do everything together with the customer. After all, it is his or her bus that we prepare. It starts with the purchase up to and including transport to Europ. First of all, we look at what the budget and wishes of your as a customer are. As soon as we know the budget and the wishes of the customer I start the search for a suitable bus, which can be a bus that I already have in stock to a bus that I have to look for in the country. There is a lot of variety here, for example due to the year of manufacture. Younger buses are easier to find than older buses, the turning year is around 1970.

Price-wise you can say that it starts from 4000 euros to 15000 euros for an unrestored copy. The restoration is on average around 10,000 euros and the transport to Europ is around $ 2,500. In addition, of course, depending on the customer, there are many options or options that extras can entail. On average, a restored bus in the Samba version costs between € 20 and € 25,000 ready to drive with plates.

We make the entire purchase live with the customer trough skype or whatsapp, which can be via video, photos or text. It just depends on what you prefer as a customer. The restoration starts as soon as the bus is purchased and transported to the workshop. The restoration is thoroughly tackled on every bus. We want the quality of the restoration to be high and this cannot be cut. Chassis, Engine, Drive, Suspension, Rubbers, Brakes and wiring are dismantled and replaced where necessary. Each part gets a new coat of paint before it is reassembled. That is all included in the price of the restoration, including the engine overhaul. It may be that the customer wants an improvement such as other upholstery, brake discs, LED lighting or modern suspension. Everything that does not do justice to the restoration and is MOT legally is possible, after all, it is the customer’s bus and the customer is ultimately king.

As soon as the bus is finished with the restoration, it goes on transport, we then arrange through an agency that the bus is picked up and safely loaded into the container by us. Full export and import tax to Europ is arranged by us. The moment the container arrives in Europ the customer is given the option to collect the car from the forwarder. All financial obligations are then paid and the car is free to request a license plate. It may also be that the customer is unable to collect the car and then we arrange the transport to the customer’s address.

Jaqueline & Raymond

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Make it Simple. Make it Memorable. Make it Inviting to look at and Make it fun to Drive.


John V.

Life is an adventure and I am enjoying the ride.

Geweldige Job Jaqueline en Ray Bedankt!

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Its a blast out of the past.

My Volkswagen Van.

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Let’s build something together.